The Nature of This Thing

Suffice it to say, I’m still trying to figure this whole thing out. I don’t mean blogging so much as I do the contagiousness of grace. But really, to take it even further it isn’t the infectiousness I’m so confused by, but grace itself. I am still learning of it’s vastness in my own life and trying to come to grips with how to demonstrate in my relationship with others.

Grace does not exist outside of the existence of God; without Him, there is no grace. But with Him? It flows abundantly. And once we have experienced that pouring out from God Himself we will begin to recognize that it is infectious and contagious. And it becomes less a matter of having to show it to others and more about it automatically flowing from within.

And so the nature of this thing–this blog, this life–is in passionately pursuing the God of grace and letting His grace flow through me to others. And I hope that this place can be a place of grace.