For My 9 year Old Explorer

While at grampy and grammy’s this summer you went to Cowboy Lake. There were no real cowboys; you assured me it was just the name of the lake–though no one seems to know why it was named that.

Anyhow, while there you collected 6 snails the size of your finger & thumb put together. I guess you lost one, but you still ended up with 5. Your sisters tried to catch some but they couldn’t find any.

You also tried to catch a fish, but that proved too difficult.

You are a great explorer. You love the outdoors and are sometimes most yourself when you’re in them.

Keep exploring. Whatever you do and wherever you go, explore. It’s part of your nature. It’s how you discover and learn and thrive. Explore. You’re good at it when others aren’t. It’s part of who God has designed you to be.

Explore. You will be able to lead others to and through your discoveries.

Explore. You will find you are more alive when you do.

Explore. Because it will give you the confidence to venture out and take the risks necessary to trust God in the unknowns. And there are always unknowns.

Explore. Discover. And then lead others.


2 thoughts on “For My 9 year Old Explorer

  1. Justin

    Heard this from a friend…
    “Live your life to discover.
    The greatest discovery is love.
    The source of all love is God.”

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