Write On – A Conversation, of Sorts

WritingStart writing.
That has to be one of the singular most repeated phrases that resonates throughout my being. A simple encouragement often spoken by the Spirit to my innermost person.
What do I write? Where do I publish it? Online? For myself? Are you talking about a journal?
But what I always find is that in the questions I end up avoiding the real issue: I have yet to write. I think about it. I talk about it. It happens in my head, but not in my fingers. The words never make the page.
What if the authors of Scripture did this—what I am doing—what would we have then?
No, I’m not presuming that my words are Scripture—no way. Not even close. Just thoughts and opinions. Maybe sometimes they’ll be truth. But not God-breathed.
So what do I say?
I don’t think that’s ever been thee main point.
Just write.
Write on.
Write anything.
Write something.
You know you’ve been writing since almost as long as you can remember. You know how your whole being comes together when you write. How you can think its the way your mind works, processes, races . . . clicks, in ways that it doesn’t during conversation.
It’s how you unravel the knots—not just for yourself, but yes, for yourself, too.
You want to know how, where, why you fit?
Start writing.
There has been no singular thing that has resonated so deeply with you. Why? Because that’s how I wired you.
Those are the simple and recurring encouragements I hear. Not in my ears so much as in my heart. In that place where you know truth. That place where what is right resonates with your whole being and you. just. know.
So I’m writing. At least today. At least now. But it counts. It’s a start. And that’s what he said: start writing.
Okay, I’ve started. Now what?
Keep writing.
What? For how long?
Until there are no more words. Or until the tears run so strong you cannot go on.
Write on.
Write about the tears. The heartaches. The joys. The victories. The struggles. The journey.
Write. It’s what you’re built for. You will find pleasure and purpose and meaning and your place. It’s already how you’ve seen fruit. Fruit that satisfies. Fruit that isn’t your’s. But fruit that is true. You’ve already seen how it connects with people. Connects in a way that is outside of yourself. Don’t stop. Don’t neglect it.
Do the thing I have designed you to do. It’s your art. Make time for it. Find a place for it.
Consider it an offering.
I will satisfy you in it. And you will glorify me in it.
Start writing.

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