A Space for Dialogue – The Ongoing Conversation

So yeah, I started writing. But I’ve done that before. And I’ve learned that I’m okay with starting things, but ultimately it doesn’t count unless it becomes an ongoing part of my life. (More on this in a future post.)

Like I said, I’ve started writing before. But how many of you knew that? And if you did, did you also notice that it trailed off after a time?

You might say, ‘no’ and maybe you’re just being gracious.

Either way, I’ve come to realize that for me it isn’t enough to just start writing. I have to keep going. And that means I’m going to try to keep on writing.

What does that mean for this site?

It means I’m going to keep at it. And there isn’t much of a directed purpose than to be regularly recording my thoughts and perspectives on a variety of aspects of life.

You’re welcome to come along for the ride.

Listen in.


But more than anything, interact. Without that, I’m just another unnecessary noise.

Besides, this isn’t an exercise in futility for me. I need to improve in the way I communicate–what I say and how I say it. And that involves listening and having meaningful dialogue.

This is a space for that.

I don’t have some grand vision of what it will all be. But this is really a space more about becoming than anything else.

For example, I don’t know why that last blog had such a lousy layout. I tried changing it several times, but the paragraph spacing just never resolved. I think it’s because I originally wrote it in another app and copied and pasted it here–somehow that screwed up the overall layout. (As an aside, I think there’s probably a metaphor there to explore.)

So, I’m going to work to keep writing. And if this site goes silent for too long, you have the right to ask me about that.

Some of the things I write might be really mind-blowing (wishful thinking), but most of it is just going to be a record of my own observations and introspection.

It will probably be a bit too personal at times. And awkward. I’m good with that one. Not The Office level of awkward, but just be warned that sometimes it might be more than you wanted to know.

And it might seem trivial and simple, too. But I think I’ve got a lot of that to weed through in my life in order to get to the truly significant. And, I believe much of the truly significant is found in the things that seem trivial and simple.

Hopefully in all of it, I’m honest, humble and teachable.

So, thanks for reading and extending that grace to me. After all, grace is contagious.



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